Ubuntu Desktop is getting very popular now a days, many of the users switching over to Linux based operating system like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. Ubuntu Desktop is very simple to use, fully free, more secure, doesn’t require any Anti virus application, have your piece of mind against viruses.

Let me share you some of the essential application for your Ubuntu Desktop

1. Geary Email Client
Geary is an open-source e-mail client with a broad set of features, a simple set-up wizard, and integrated with the Unity desktop. You’ll find Geary is easier to use than Thunderbird
2. Google Chrome Web Browser
The Firefox web browser is already installed your Ubuntu Desktop, and it does the job very well. You can consider having Google Chrome web browser.

3. Franz Messaging Client
Want to chat on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or another well-known messaging service on Ubuntu, without using your browser? Try Franz, and offers some basic desktop integration.

4. Etcher USB Image Writer
Looking for a simple tool to burn ISO image on your USB drive or SD card. Etcher is the tool for you.
5. DropBox
DropBox is very famous for cloud based backup, and it works well with Ubuntu. You can have Dropbox and sync the files between your multiple devices and you can share.