Opera released a new web browser today called Neon, Its being called a “Concept Browser”.  Neon is not yet ready to replace the existing Opera Desktop Browser.  At the same time, Neon is having completely new design and its very cool idea.

The homepage of Neon looks completely different than any web browsers available. It includes shortcuts to bookmark and your top websites, they are displayed as floating bubbles. There is no address bar either, just an line above the bubbles or floating balls.  Visually looks very neat and cool. I like it ?

The Neon replacing the traditional Tabs with with a series of circular icons on the righthand side of the browser. Also it support split screen browsing and their sizes are adjustable, thats real cool isn’t it. Technically it splits the screen into two, We can have two websites at same time.

On the lefthand side of the Neon Browser, series of browser tools available. The tools allows you to snap a website, and Download management. I like the another interesting tool, which collects all the songs / videos available to play across all your tabs, it allows you run the media without actually opening the actual tab.

Currently Opera Neon available for Windows and Mac Platform. We expect that Linux version also available soon.