Now the Korean car manufacture Hyundai have arrived with another one called Ioniq. And its launched in Europe, and we can expect the launch in India in 2018, and will be showcased in  the upcoming auto show in India. Let’ see involved in all-electric driving. Now a days many countries are exploring hybrid and full electric vehicle, The Nissan leaf is also one of the full electric vehicle sold in Europe and other countries.


The Hyndai Ioniq comes as a hybrid (a car with a petrol engine and an electric motor that charges itself), a plug-in hybrid (a car whose electric battery you charge yourself and is complemented by a petrol engine) and as an all-electric car that runs on charges alone and has no petrol engine.

Hyundai says the electric car is capable of running 270km on a single charge on tests, But it can vary based on your driving, road conditions, and other factors like cold, rain.

The Ioniq will take four people in comfort and visibility is little impaired because of a bar-like spoiler addition across the rear window.

The boot is also a bit limited because of battery size but it will still accommodate a modest load.