Verst is a new blogging platform like WordPress. It is unique among the blog tools, with all the optimization and analytics tools. Verst promises to optimize your traffic and revenue through their optimization technology tools. Basically it’s a web publishing product with bunch of power tools.

Verst provides a trial version initially and after signing upto it, it takes care of hosting and updating your site. They say that you pay $29 per month and you don’t have to care about the technical details which they will take care.

Verst works with the clean editor which lets you search for images, videos, GIFs and more directly from the admin interface. Verst access the libraries of freely available media files. Blogs can be published from your computer or iPhone. They are working on publishing through Android. They provide customization in terms of design of the blog. There’s no need for third party tool for analytics feature. Their service automatically adds a tiny widget in the middle of the blog posts to attract more visitors to the blog. Verst promise to get you as much traffic as possible. It’s designed for professionals than average bloggers.