Recently I had an issue on my Sony Laptop which one was running Windows 7.  It was slow and It was affected by Virus. One of my friend asked me to try Linux (Mate Desktop).  I followed simple instructions, very simple, download the iso file and burn into a DVD, followed the instructions showed on the screen, mostly Next.. Next.. ?

The installation was completed in 10 to 15 minutes, It was surprise its booted quickly and clean and neat desktop. There is no big change from Windows to new Linux Mate Desktop.  Installed Skype, Telegram messenger, Google Chrome. it works like charm.

And it does  come with office Suite  by default called LibreOffice, also it doesn’t require any Anti Virus, impressed.

I recommend you folks, if you have any older desktop or Laptop and having any software issues. Its worth to try any Linux Distribution on it.  I am sure you won’t be disappointed. You can have dual operating system, both windows and Linux. so you will not be loosing anything.

Lets Move to open source and Free Software, Enjoy the Freedom.