Microsoft is updating its Mail and Calendar apps for Windows 10. The biggest addition is Focused Inbox, a feature that was first available on Outlook for iOS and Android.

In Windows 10, Focused Inbox, It allows separate out an inbox into two sections. Filter important emails into the Focused section, and other section will have less important emails. This feature is already available on mobile version of apps like iOS and Android.

Another interesting feature is “Mentions”. Simply @ and tag a name into an email message, and if that person isn’t already on the email thread they’ll be added automatically.

On the calendar side, Microsoft is adding colored categories, interesting calendars, and travel reservation and package delivery support. Colored categories lets you categorize calendar events with colors, so it’s a lot easier to scan your schedule and find out what events matter just from a color scheme.

The another most important feature is that, Now the calendar app have the ability to display travel reservations and package delivery details. It takes the reservation details, will surfaces into a useful summary card, which will all the details of your travel and your package details.